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wilmington convention center

Wilmington: Ideal Location for Corporate Retreat

When companies are looking for places to hold business conferences or corporate retreats, they tend to look over some of the best places in America like Wilmington, North Carolina. These places are often looked over because they are not mega metropolitan centers that have a lot of different things to entertain their employees, which actually may be the best thing for the team building portion. These are some reasons to consider as to why Coastal Convention is the ideal event venue in Wilmington, NC for your next corporate retreat.


Wilmington is a smaller port city in North Carolina. Almost three-quarters of the state is surrounded by some type of water and beautiful beaches. This is not important so your employees can hang out at the beach and set some sun, but it is a place where they can feel more relaxed. The beaches and the ocean can invoke a feeling of peace and it is beautiful. If you are having a corporate retreat, the beach is a great place to retreat to.

Hotels and Convention Center

Wilmington, NC has beautiful hotels and conference areas that overlook the ocean. It is almost as if there is no “bad” place to stay. They also have a new convention center with beautiful views that overlook the water. There are multiple rooms and they will also provide the food for your attendees.


At a corporate retreat or business conference, there is a level of expectation for good food, especially if you are in North Carolina. The Wilmington cuisine consists of extremely fresh seafood, locally owned establishments, and beautiful outdoor dining locations. This allows you to have working business dinners with delicious food surrounded by a wonderful ambiance. You can also get drinks and grab a bite to eat with coworkers after a long day of sitting in seminars and training.

Small Town

Unless a company’s headquarters is in a small town, companies don’t typically think to have their retreats or conferences in smaller cities or towns. However, it may be something they want to consider. Have you heard the stories of people who go out after the conference or sneak away from the retreat and get into trouble outside of the reason they are there? Being in a smaller area can elevate the temptation and opportunity to go out and do things that are more readily available in larger metropolitan areas.

wilmington convention center

The next time you are looking to have a business convention or company retreat, look to Wilmington, N.C and the Coastal Convention Center, you will be pleasantly surprised with our facilities. 

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