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Wedding Tunes: DJ or Band?

Wedding Tunes: DJ or Band?

The key to any successful wedding celebration is enjoyable entertainment. Deciding which music choice is best to deliver this entertainment to your guests can be the tricky part. In some cases, the bride and groom know exactly what type of music they want. Unfortunately, this is not always that simple. Prior to making your final decision on hiring a DJ or band, consider the following factors:


The budget is usually the top concern for couples who are planning their wedding celebration. It is safe to say that a DJ is less costly than a live band and a ten-piece band is costlier than say, a three-piece band given the fact that more people are needed. Another aspect that plays a key role is the amount of time the band or DJ will play. Keep in mind, taking a break is easier for a DJ than it would be for a band.


The kind of music you choose for your wedding can easily set the tone and theme for your celebration. Consider what music genre is best at mirroring your personalities as well as stimulates the atmosphere you wish to create. The way music is delivered can also affect the environment.

Type of Music

The type of music you wish to have played is another factor to consider. A DJ will have a wider range of music choices than a live band. However, sounds of a big band are best heard live.


Another key factor to consider is how many guests you are planning on attending and the amount of space available for your reception site. A live band requires more space than a DJ. Also, are there any restrictions on the pieces of equipment or on the number of musicians that may be brought into the venue? Is there any noise or power supply limitations? For example, a large speaker may not be allowed in certain locations. Be sure to ask questions when scoping out your intended reception venue.

Band or DJ

Regardless if you choose a DJ or live band, it is always ideal to learn about their abilities prior to signing on the dotted line. Even though a DJ does not perform the music themselves, their performance is still important. Be sure they are not afraid to interact with the audience. Provide a personal request list to ensure the band or DJ can play them.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy your wedding celebration. Now go have fun!

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