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The Hottest Wedding Trends of 2017

It may seem as though wedding trends are getting a little over the top. They are and people are loving it! The new rules for 2017, is there are no rules. You can keep your wedding traditional, or you can throw convention to the wind and do something that is new and different, and possibly trendsetting.

Couples are looking at their big day a little differently than in years past, and the dresses, food, and decorum are all following suit. There are some amazing wedding trends that are emerging as the hottest for the 2017 year. Here are some of the top trends:


event venues wilmington nc



Everyone knows that people primarily go to and have weddings to show off and look at the fashion. This year metallic’s and loose silhouettes are the dresses of choice for the bride and their bridesmaids. From sparkly bridal gowns with metallic beading that twinkle in the light to formal evening gowns for bridesmaids made with flowing and soft fabrics that slink down the body, subtle and effortless is the key.




The traditional sit down and be served weddings are out this year, and food and drink stations and food trucks are in. Couples are able to provide their guest with a fun interactive experience that gives them a little more of a taste of who you are. Food trucks allow for the guest to choose the food they want to eat from the menu available, and with the fun food stations, they can choose how they want to eat their food like standing up or down, or be traditional or try something new. There are more options for your guest which is what people want to provide their guest.

Decorations and Decorum


People are getting the excitement for their wedding started from the beginning. Sending out beautiful invitations with various types of catchy trends like glow in the dark ink, foil stamping, or large bold envelopes with bright writing or special engravings. Color has made a comeback in 2017. Deep bold colors and various shades of green are the top wedding choices for 2017 which fits great in with the greenery and au naturale look and style of the wedding.




Photo booths are so 2016. In 2017, couples are thinking exceptional entertainment for their guests. Body painters, full and semi-choirs that sing only R&B and Pop songs, ballerinas and contortionist, and water performers and gymnast are all hot trends for keeping your guest entertained beyond looking at the unbridled love of the couple they are there to celebrate.

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