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Awesome Advantages of Having a Winter Wedding

Choosing a date for your wedding can be stressful. A winter wedding has numerous benefits that you may be unaware of. It will stand out by being fun and different. Consider some awesome advantages to having a winter wedding before settling on a date.

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Greater Availability of Venues

Winter weddings provide the advantage of greater availability too much of the popular venues, vendors, and photographers. Winter weddings are less common which allows you a better chance of having your special day at your dream venue. Also, many venues offer reduced rates during the off-season saves you money.


Stunning Photo Opportunities

Simply step outdoors for unique wedding photos. Winter is a very romantic, unique and beautiful time of year. Winter provides plenty of spectacular photo opportunities such as snow blanketed landscapes and tree branches lightly dusted with frost, the opportunities are endless.


Reduced Stress

Stressing about the elements is reduced with winter weddings because they generally occur inside. The risks of wind and rain not only is stressful, but costlier as well when tents are needed. An outdoor wedding can be uncomfortable to your guests when exposed to heat as well. Stress is reduced for you, your family and friends, and your vendors when you do not need to consider Mother Nature. Also an indoor venue is convenient as you can also host

Less Expensive Travel and Accommodations

Travel and hotel expenses are most expensive during the summer months, while school is in recess and families vacation. You and your guests benefit with off-season pricing for hotels and travel with a winter wedding.


Extremely Romantic

Getting married to your soulmate in a sparkling winter wonderland outdoor wedding venue is extremely romantic. With luck, Mother Nature will oblige and give your special day a fresh white backdrop.


Best Time of Year for Black Tie Weddings

If you are considering a formal wedding, guests with black tie attire will be much more appreciative of a winter wedding. Tuxedos and gown were not designed for outdoor ceremonies in the sweltering summer but are ideal for indoor wedding recpetions


Decorated Venues

Pre-wedding events held during the holiday season can benefit from the gorgeous free decorations displayed this time of year. For example, bridal showers tend to take place approximately one month prior to the wedding. This means, bridal showers taking place during the holiday season are exquisitely decorated with garland, wreaths, and white sparkling lights giving a celebratory feel to any Wilmington NCĀ wedding reception venue you choose.

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