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event venues wilmington nc

5 Steps to the Perfect Corporate Retreat

Responsibilities of getting the job done can place pressure and stress on employees around the world and companies are beginning to take notice. Add the seemingly endless amount of phone calls, emails, deadlines, and meetings to the mix and turnover rates are higher than ever for many organizations.

Companies in every industry must take time to reset and a company retreat is an ideal place to accomplish this. Corporate retreats provide co-workers with an outstanding opportunity to join together to reflect on work matters while enjoying themselves at the same time. Company bottom lines are improved in the long run due to these retreats. They are being utilized more and more to help rev up people in the workforce for the upcoming work.

event venues wilmington nc

But what does it take to plan the perfect corporate retreat? Organizing an event such as this takes hard work and effort. Preparing an agenda, booking venues, planning transportation, and ensuring everything goes as planned. The five most important steps to the perfect corporate retreat are as follows:

To plan a successful corporate retreat, the objectives must be determined.

  1. Who will attend this event? Is this event company-wide or for specific departments? Deciding who will attend and what contribution will be made by each person is helps with action plans and goal setting. Who to invite depends mostly on the purpose and agenda of the retreat.
  2. Determining the right agenda is important to ensure you get the most out of your corporate retreat. Keep an agenda that is focused, detailed, and attainable. You can only get so much reasonably done, and by attempting to do too much you risk the chance of accomplishing nothing at all.
  3. If you prefer not to lead the retreat yourself, a committee can be appointed, or an outside facilitator for the best possible results. Be sure whoever leads the event is involved right from planning stages, including catering services. Facilitators ensure the meeting stays on track.
  4. Determining location is extremely important for your retreat. The ideal locations are near major airports and a short driving distance to help your guests feel comfortable and excited they will be spending time with fellow co-workers.  

Coastline Convention Center, is a premiere event venue in Wilmington, NC to host a successful corporate retreat.

Contact us today for pricing and date availability, let’s get your business event planned for 2018!

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